SKrub Bar


SKrub Bar is an exfoliating bar soap for seborrheic keratoses.

Finally… an exfoliating bar to minimize the appearance of small, early stage Seborrheic Keratoses, commonly called SK’s. SK’s appear as brown spots- and can occur in large numbers on the arms, chest and back. More common with age, they are easy to diagnose and, unfortunately, easy to spot in public. The SKrub Bar is the only existing home treatment available!  Designed to exfoliate the skin and soften their texture, minimizing their appearance!

The SKrub Bar is also a great exfoliator for general everyday use to smooth rough elbows, knees, and feet. You can use before applying self-tanner or prior to shaving to minimize bumps, dark spots, and irritation. The polishing beads exfoliate while Jojoba oil and glycerin hydrate for a smooth, polished glow.

• Created and approved by dermatologist to help keep SK’s flat and out of sight
• Only existing treatment option for small early stage SK’s
• Value among dermatology patients concerned with the appearance of seborrheic keratoses
• Made in the USA
• Cruelty free
• 2% Polyethylene Pumice

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Buy Individually, 1/4 Case (30 bars), 1/2 Case (60 bars), Full Case (120 bars)

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